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December 11, 2018, 11:54 AM
Not much of a psychic when I say,

expect more disasters in 2019. Wildfires, floods, earthquakes, Tsunamis, tornadoes, mass shootings, war, typhoons, hurricanes and politics.

In other words, the same old-same old.

Toss in race wars/riots, religious fanaticism and one would almost be OK with the idea of heading toward the mountains, and the cave filled with a year's supply of food, water and Internet access.

It is and always has been a good idea to have some emergency supplies handy, and a GO KIT ready just in case one needs to bug out, for whatever reason.

ADD the great alien reveal, where we are finally told we are not alone in the Universe and there are reptiles, Nordics, whites and grays among us, here to "serve mankind", and that should just about send many over the cliff.

Of course, there are profits to be had in both survival and preparedness arenas. Has been for 100 years. Not going to stop anytime soon.

And politics will be interesting.

What about the stock market? Are in for another crash? Do you care?

What will 2019 bring our way? Well, more of the same, for sure, and some surprises. As noted, no one is suggesting me for psychic of the year.

A lot of distraction. AND, a lot of opportunity for those who can FOCUS in on an idea and get er done.

We're going into 2019 with an optimistic view, but with eyes wide open.

So, what do you see as opportunities for the new year? Anyone with a better crystal ball than I have?


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