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December 26, 2018, 12:54 PM
I call them walls, because, when I enter TCA, I picture a room, where only I and the other person exist. I try to shut out everything else.

These are the four elements of getting into that state of mind.

ONE: Conscious HEIGHTENED Awareness. Desire to be in the state.

TWO: Intense OBSERVATION. Of Bio-feedback.


FOUR: Instructions or SUGGESTIONS. Your goal.

Thanks to Glenn Osborn, who triggered this discussion with his recent posts.

Most of the time we only casually OBSERVE things in our world, although there are all kinds of attempts to get our ATTENTION, we've learned to ignore most of the stimuli we encounter.

So when we see someone with a big red nose, or a blinking hat or lit up sweatshirt, we take NOTICE. It grabs our immediate attention, albeit, not for very long...


A sustained effort is made. To enter into a state of heightened awareness, one has to make it a conscious awareness.

"I am about to enter this restaurant, I will observe how many people are in it, and take note of the smells, and the food being eaten. I will be aware of the sounds coming from the tables, from the kitchen, I will be aware of what is going on. I will note the staff, the greeter, the person who sits me, and the wait staff, and I am aware they are WORKING, and they are PREOCCUPIED with their lives, in the moment and also a deeper preoccupation outside of work."

Well, in the beginning, you may have to go this longer route, to train yourself to get into a state of mind to enter TCA, but with practice, you will soon be able to use SWITCHWORDS, which trigger the state automatically.

I've discussed Switchwords before, based on the work of James T. Mangan, in his book, THE SECRET OF PERFECT LIVING.

Switchwords are used to "flip the switch" and in the context of TCA, you'll create your own for the purpose of the moment. My TCA switchword is actually four words rapidly spoken, Alive, Alert, Awake, Aware.

This little mantra puts me into the room, where I am keenly aware of the other person and the surroundings.

We have learned from Glenn that the big red nose and other of his PREOCCUPATIONAL INTERRUPTERS put people in a good mood, a relaxed state of mind, and it lowers the defenses of the RAS, the Reticular Activating System (Google it, and if you care, spend years learning about it).

The basic thing with RAS is it guards conscious thought. Think of it like those guards outside of the Palace, never speaking, standing ready to keep people out. So the RAS keeps out many unwanted thoughts.

Anyhow, I'll continue this later today. Got to run out for awhile.


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