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Dien Rice
January 10, 2019, 10:51 AM
When Amazon started, many physical book stores struggled... The Borders chain closed its doors for good...

Now... A Tokyo bookstore is even charging a $13 entrance fee just to go in!

However, they stock their bookstore with unusual and rare books - and only have one copy of each in stock.

They put up a book-related exhibition in their lobby - so in that way, it's a little bit like a mini-museum...

They have a cafe with - can you believe it - free coffee and green tea!

They sell meals and desserts there too (the meals and desserts aren't free though)...

It also has a library-like set up, so you can sit down and read to your heart's content...


This is a new concept... I hope it works! I'd love it if a bookstore like this opened near me... Yeah, I'd probably pay the entrance fee (but I'd make sure I'd get my money's worth in coffee)!

This New Tokyo Bookstore Charges a $13 Admission Fee

Bunkitsu bookstore in tokyo charges a fee to access its curated collection of books

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