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January 12, 2019, 12:51 PM
Hi Gordon,

I had never heard of misophonia!

I have to be frank... Some of those noises in the ASMR videos made me feel a bit queasy...

It was like a stranger being a bit too intimate with me. Which I thought was kind of weird...

But I did feel the tingles...

I don't know how common misophonia is, but it sounds like it could definitely be an untapped market... And a potential opportunity.

I don't know much about it, but if you (or someone else) is able to solve the problems of those with misophonia, there could be some good dollars in it (plus you're helping people, too)!

I think it's kind of amazing how you could be doing A... which then (unexpectedly) leads to opportunity B. (Like ASMR leading to misophonia.) That happens to me all the time... But you've got to be active (and "in the game") for this to happen to you. It doesn't usually happen when you're sitting on the sofa watching reruns of "Desperate Housewives"... :) (In my opinion.)

Best wishes,


Mine is ACUTE, probably worse than mainstream, I've only ever met two people with the diagnosis, it is relatively new in the diagnostic services of mental health. Barking dogs, little yappers with high pierced shrieking barks make me crazy...

most therapies use a combo of distraction and noise replacement, a lot of noise canceling headphones are used.

I THINK there is a memory benefit to it, but that is anecdotal with me and my family...a lot of research needs to be done. We do have larger amounts of myelin in our brains, not much on that.

JUST from observation, I think it is more common than people know, there is a built in survival, reptile brain leftover for certain sounds, like babies crying, people screaming, which evoke a fight/flight response.

people with acute misophonia, often have a negative violent reaction to the overload.

A good playlist aids. A lot of Eva Cassidy, Alison Krauss and MEATLOAF get the job done for me.

On a side note, I believe I wrote about Eva before, many years ago. One of the great songbirds ever.


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