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April 26, 2019, 08:55 AM
Well, I'm not shipping air conditioners or vacuums, but a book, sure.

Today I posted my original copy of 7 Steps to Freedom II book, by Benjamin D. Suarez, fully annotated.

It is full of yellow and pink highlighter and side notes. It is the book I used when I worked for Ben, and kept notes, some cryptic on the sides of the pages.

I have it listed in Facbook Marketplace for 50 bux. If anyone is interested, and will pay the postage or mailing cost, I include a one hour Q and A about anything in the book.

Cleaning out my remaining library. This reference book will serve someone better than it is now serving me, other than a piece of memorabilia.

Send me email. gjabiz@yahoo.com now.


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