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April 27, 2019, 09:44 AM
As I am winding down April, I thought maybe some of you might like to see a step by step guide to Manifestation USING SQ1 and View from Rooftop.


Your journey begins by reading the above wonderfully written and ultra persuasive promotion. And you see the boards, you get the idea, and maybe are thinking:

Maybe I can do this.

Now here comes your two week journey. Week one, say today or tomorrow you reach out to Steve and talk to him. You agree to get the kit with the sample board. It will take a couple of days to get it and in the meantime, Steve will go over the what and how. Which restaurants make good locations, and all that jazz.

You'll get a real life tested and proven plan, developed from the trenches of DOING it, while waiting for your board.

So week one is PREPARATION, after you have decided to give it a go. So that takes us to Monday May 6, your first day on the job.

You have spent some time over the weekend practicing your presentation, have made a list of prospects and now, it is time to get out there and make it happen.

The goal is by Friday May 10th, to have made that 500 BUX.

We today, START THERE.

You have 500 dollars in your hands. What are you going to do with it? How do you feel about the work you have done to have earned it? Was it harder than you thought? Easier?

The view from the rooftop, or on your SQ1 lifeline dated May 10, has you receiving or MANIFESTING the 500 dollars you do not have today.

See, it is at this moment, a wish, or a goal, just an idea. You want to turn an idea into reality, that is the gist of LOA (Law of Attraction) and manifestation, isn't it?

Why do you want the 500 dollars? What will it do for you on Friday, May 10? Will you pay a bill? Celebrate with a night out? Save it?

What is the E M O T I O N A L response you will have when you see that 500 bux in your PayPal, or bank account, or the cash in your hand? Do you feel good? Are you excited? Do you want more?

Would you like to double that next week and have $1,000.00 in your hand on Friday May 17? Now you know what you need to do.

You have done the ACTION. The activity of showing the board, asking for either referrals or calling on potential advertisers who would be good for the board.

Looking back, from Friday the 10th, did anyone threaten to harm you? Did you fear for your life? Get shot? Stabbed?

More than likely you heard a lot of NO THANKS, or not interested, or not today, or I have to ask the boss/wife/man in the back room.

You MAY have heard those words a few times over and over. But you also heard YES.

YES, LET'S DO IT. And you have made four businesses very happy, at least willing to see their ads on your first CHALK BOARD. You had four YESSES. Maybe out of 48 or 24, or only 12 rejections.

As you stand there on Friday the 10th with the 500 bux in your hand, which one are you focused on, the four who said YES, or the 24 who said no?

Looking ahead, can you get better at your game and make it 4 out of 16, then four out of 12? Can you get better at choosing locations, and advertisers?

Can you see the $2,000.00 you have earned (at least) in your bank on May 31? Can you feel it? Did you allow yourself only 20 hours a week to do it?

So the view from the rooftop, for May 31, would be at least 2 thousand dollars, is this EXTRA MONEY? I know some of your retirees or even full time workers aren't desperate, so it may be EXTRA.

What does it feel like to have that 2 grand in your hand, and a month of PROOF behind you, that you can do it?

In all forms of manifestation, you are instructed to visualize a goal, the thing you want to happen, and flood yourself with feelings that you already have it.

All well and good as far as it goes. But with SQ1, and Plan of Action (POA), you have the time line, the action steps and you just do the day.

So, what would you do with your $2,000.00 in your pocket on May 31, 2019?

But, maybe you do better, OR, you don't do it all, and then May 31 comes along and you think: gee, I need to make some extra dough, maybe I'll give the CHALK BOARD a try, and so now you have pushed your FUTURE income back to Mid July. Then July comes and goes, and you think, maybe I'll give that eBay, or Amazon or Small Reports a try.

OR. Or whatever it is you do, TIME marches on.

So there you see a PLAN OF ACTION, based on a real product, which has been done by other people, and it comes down to whether you BELIEVE or not you can talk to people and not faint, have a stroke or crap your pants while offering them something of VALUE. I don't know, CAN YOU?

Whatever VALUE you think you have, until it gets into circulation, it is in storage doing NO ONE any good, eh?


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