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April 29, 2019, 08:14 AM
Hi Gordon,

You asked a little while ago why some people get so caught up in the analysis paralysis, that they never take action...

(Sheepishly raises hand...) That's me - at least sometimes!

(I do get things done, but not as effectively as I probably should!)

I'm going to practice it myself... :)

Best wishes,

(Always trying to improve!)

Amazingly, you have gotten a LOT done...if you step back and look over the last two decades. Pull out from the day, see the years, and in addition to SOWPub, and all your writing, look at all the other marvelous adventures you've had.

I'm starting to think, the READY part of all that, maybe should be dropped or eliminated altogether??

Fire, aim. MAY work in some cases, as you say, the non life threatening sort of thing, (Boeing with the 737 Max?)

We of the View from the rooftop and SQ1 camp, prefer some AIM.

The POA of the SQ1 shows the snake like movement through the pyramid until the goal manifests on the time line. The first MOVE...

IS to belief.

Which can be the sticking point. And one thing I've noticed over the years is, many people want a STRAIGHT LINE lifeline, or from here to the goal.

But when one puts it into the POA, we see the ADJUSTMENT, the firing...the movement...THAT DOESN'T WORK.

So, we adjust. Like the old torpedoes would do when they zig zagged until they could hone in on their target.

Now the View from the Rooftop, and the rungs...should, and often do, help with foreseeing potential bog down points.

As you know, I've floated scores of trial balloons here, much to the chagrin to some of the older members, the WHAT NOW GORDO? guys...and I don't blame them, of course, they never know my INTENT, when I do what I do.

And you also know both of us have held some projects very close to the vest, simply because there was a 'NEED TO KNOW' element involved.

So here I am again. Riding a horse in the Night King's army...cause poor thing has been beaten so badly...but

during the initial stages of the plan, the

What do you want? And WHY?

becomes the ways and means of getting off that belief stop on the POA, and onto the MOVEMENT toward your goal, keeping in mind there are the 7 exit points...and some, like your friend, may get off the path when very close or near the end. Exits 5, 6, and 7 are most frequent exit points of smarter people.

But still, the majority, can't get out of belief and into action.

So, my revision is AIM...FIRE...ADJUST.


PS. And be READY for the day, or better yet, be PREPARED...for anything.

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