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April 30, 2019, 09:21 AM
With Memorial day coming up, I thought it would be a good time to set up something specificly for the summer.

Sticking with giving something of value away for free to a host, I made a sample card and sign and went around to see if any hotels that don't have restaurants would be interested in offering families a kids eat free cards with local restaurants on it.

8 hotels agreed to put up my sign on their front desk, while 2 said they would hand out the coupons but couldn't put the sign up (Marriott affiliates). I didn't get any "no's". Although the general manager wasn't in at one hotel so I'm 10/11.

I'm planning on the program being 14 weeks from Memorial day to Labor day and I'm going to print a map with a star on all of the hotel locations and going to start talking to restaurants tomorrow.

A few of the hotels had menus but they didn't have any promotions for the restaurants. They were just normal menus and a lot of the hotels were actually excited about the program.

Keep us posted BenjaminS.

Can I safely assume you will be selling space on the card to the restaurants?

So the hotel/motel gives a free card to their customers, a KIDS EAT FREE. The card has a map of restaurants which offer a kids eat free deal, right?

Let us know how it comes out, OK? There isn't much time between now and Memorial Day.

So how many cards will each location get? Say 100 x 10 would be a print job of 1000, or 500 x 10 would be 5,000 or will you supply them on demand?

How many kids per family? Can a family with 3 kids get free meals for all of their kids?

It may turn into something very good for you. Just don't forget to give a $ value to your TIME running around contacting locations and then the time to see the restaurants, and the printing costs plus design if any.

I think Don Alm ran a very similar program back in the day. And he had several such programs for hotels/motels. I do recall his TV guide with I think, pizza shops on it.

It is good to see someone trying these OLD SCHOOL call on businesses type things. Makes me warm and fuzzy.

OF course, there will be someone out there selling an APP which can be downloaded that has all the restaurants around with FREE meals or BOGO offers available too.

We are in a great time period where a person can still capitalize on Old School and also NEW stuff, MOBILE APPS. Great time to be selling.

Good luck, hope you do well with it.


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