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May 20, 2019, 08:40 AM
Ever been really thirsty? Hot day, mowing the lawn, playing golf, chopping wood or just sitting in the easy chair? Nothing beats a sip of cool, refreshing water.

One of my biz models does that. The small little report which many of you have paid a few bux for here and there, now and again, once in awhile. Right?

YOU giving a thirsty man some relief. A sip here, sip there, and ah, it does a body good. Tiny sips.

And I do OK with that. But today, it is the 374th Monday someone has sent me 5 bux. 374 weeks in a row. Sip, sip, sip. Going all the way back to my earliest LOTTERY offering.

Somebody, somewhere gave me a sip of water for over 7 years, like clockwork, on time, Monday after Monday after Monday.

Someone. A few of YOU someones too. THANKS.

But today I had, maybe an epiphany? (maybe not). All those little sips of water, which I've always thought of as a brief moment of thirst quenching dollars in my pocket...

are more than a canteen handed to a fellow traveler, but, are actually...

the well in the desert.

374 x 5 = 1870 per person. And there are a few of you. I've never considered it as anything other than play or fun money, to experiment with the lottery on someone's dime, other than my own.

But after reading Glenn's latest post about LEGAL DRUGS, and being a marketer of said legal addictions...it gave me pause.

My father died a miserable, horrific death in an oxygen tent begging for one last cigarette. A pack a day smoker for over 50 years, I figured he smoked over 20,000 packs of cigs in his lifetime...or over 400,000 cigarettes in his smoking career.

A legal drug that kills thousands of people a year.

I've never smoked a single cig. Never. But still my COPD gives me fits now and then, especially if I'm confined in an area with smokers.

I'm sure the same could be said of alcohol. Chocolate, lottery, coffee and wacky weed all have their aficionados, and addicts. Taking anything to an extreme is going to create problems.

I asked one of my lotto subscribers why he still gets my forecasts, even though I know he really doesn't play the lottery...his reply surprised me:

"Gordon, I just like the way you write. Some how it reminds of the OLD guys I grew up with, like DuVall, Straw, and Powers."

Truthfully, I'm flattered. Loved all those guys. He continues to pay for something he doesn't even use...because he likes the delivery method.

Seems like I'm all over the place right now?

ADDICTIONS. Or LEGAL DRUGS as Glenn called them. Blair Warren in his seminal work. FORBIDDEN KEYS, wrote a lot about addictions.

And most of us would probably bring a negative connotation with us to the use of the word, we all have our addictions.

Game Of Thrones. Just one example, another addiction which ended with millions disappointed or left unsatisfied.

What is your morning routine? email? News? Facebook? SowPub?

Do you have to know and read the latest Trump tweets? Are you addicted?

I find I still have bookmarks from places where I have long ago abandoned, because other places have replaced them on my ROUTINE of Internet.

How long can you go without a phone? A computer? Or stay off line?

Well, since we like to talk about money here, as sort of a reference point...

I realize now, something I wrote in 1985 in a little book, HOW TO START A CULT FOR FUN AND PROFIT is just as meaningful today as it has always been.

Jim Straw called them peanuts on the bar. Put there to keep you thirsty and drinking.

Blair Warren gave us the one sentence persuasion formula:

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” 27 words which could change your income strategies if fully appreciated.

Clubs, MEMBERSHIPS, recurring payments...auto ship, standing refill orders are all ways to cash in on our human addictions, especially the need to BELONG.

We've had several short term membership programs here, just out of curiosity, what is the longest running payment you have been making?

I think mine is to HBO.

Amazon Prime. Angelfire. Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Scribd. Are a few of my recurring payments.

I don't know why I don't have something, other than the lottery forecasts, set up to keep me hydrated.

I may have to rethink this.

Anyone else want to set up some sort of a members only thing? OH, I know some of you have them, Glenn has his big red nose club and others have something.

Any discussion?


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