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May 24, 2019, 11:11 AM

THERE you go. But first, backstory...

got an email from a newbie copywriter who said he could 'FIX' my promotion for Steve DiMarco's CHALK BOARD PROFITS program, seen here:


He told me I was "scaring people away" by telling them what they need to do to make this work. He felt a more subtle, blind sort of a promo would pull much better and arouse curiosity and attract more views. Maybe he is right.

And he went on from there, telling me how his studies with the legends of COPY have given him this insight. I actually giggled, glad no one was around.

I think he represents the modern copywriter, someone who has taken up the craft in the last few years so they could easily earn their six figures a year writing from the beaches of the world.

There are only 26,000 copywriters available at the freelancer, upwork, fiverr type sites, they have become a commodity. And they don't know how to find clients, so they are told to find some crappy web site or promotion and offer to redo it for a small fee. In my best Jim Carrey voice, alrighty then.

I don't normally write promotions like standard copywriters. I can, I have and would again if the price were right (VERY RIGHT)...but for what I offer; my own products, services or those of someone I like or know and have worked with, I don't find there a need to have all the


in them. Like testimonials. There are at least 100 of you, I think, would give a good testimonial for something you bought from me (wouldn't you?), but I don't ask for them, I prefer not to use them.

I don't want to use curiosity, but prefer to be factual, here is what it is, here is what you need to do, do you want it or not?

All this ^^^^^ the back story (YIKES!)

Law of Attraction, law of manifestation, although I'm not fond of either LAW, the whole purpose of the SQ1 is sort of an instruction book on life, and that includes the future, where your wants, hopes, wishes and dreams exist. If they existed NOW, they wouldn't be those things.

IN LOA/LOM circles, they want you to visualize your future, see it as already existing, you own it now, you live in it now, you are in possession of it now...and that creates a separate problem of having your subconscious mind unwilling to help because you already have the thing.

I think every goal, wish, dream or want you have comes with a TO DO list.

Sort of like a piece of IKEA furniture, it has an assembly guide or set of HOW TO instructions...which often get ignored by many a DIY'er who ends up with spare parts.

Every goal has a to do LIST which takes you from NOW, down your lifeline, to the goal manifest, the small tip of the POA on your PictoGrigm. It begins with not only the goal, but the INTENT. The why? As is the second part of

What do you want? Why?

Intent can provide motivation, raises the fog of uncertainty and be a beacon in the darkness when you get lost.

Which brings me back to the new copywriter. You might be surprised, but I said sure, write something, if it passes legal hurdles, I'll use it and if it results in anything, be glad to give you a testimonial or even a reward. Still waiting to hear back. Should be interesting.

See, he doesn't get my INTENT. By detailing and emphasizing the need to go out and see people, to be face-to-face, to talk to people...I eliminate the curiosity seekers, tire kickers, lookey loos which I KNOW his revised promotion will attract.

I prefer, with most of my copy, to use it as a scarecrow in the cornfield to scare away the poopy birds. It serves my purpose and gratefully saves me a lot of time from talking to people who would be a waste of it, rather than a good investment.

I N T E N T. When you know your goal, what you want and why, then, almost magically, the TO DO list, the assembly instructions show up, and then you choose whether to follow it or to have some parts left over.


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