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Dien Rice
June 24, 2019, 10:58 AM
I came across this article, about a cycling shirt, which started selling (on eBay) for 10,000 British pounds. In US dollars, that's $12,727!

What shirt is worth that?

It didn't sell... And now, the price has jumped to 125,000 British pounds, which is $159,095 US dollars!

Why would anyone sell a shirt for such a price?

Well, it gets attention (including some media attention). They may not sell the shirt... But people might go to their online store, and buy the other stuff!

In addition, the shirt was part of a limited edition of 200 pieces. That helps to "justify" the price...

Fascinating strategy... :)

Oh look, a Rapha jersey for 125,000

Paul Smith 531 with Rapha Grand Depart Cycling Jersey

Best wishes!


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