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July 5, 2019, 03:08 PM
We're having some tech issues, make sure to clear you cache, or hit refresh if you get the 522 error.

Anyhow, one pearl of wisdom in the Harvey Brody and the Sherman Hunter material is the "sell off".

There is a concept of staring a business just to sell it off to the big competition in a short period of time vs. building a business. We hope to see more of this as time unfolds.

And, this is where the DISTRESSED biz might come into play to the very savvy, find the distressed thing, UN distress it, attract attention and flip for some fast, and maybe even, some large profits.

Few people consider starting a biz just to sell it off. But take a closer look at the many multi million dollar deals these days by the giants; Goog, Face, Amaz, etc. buying out small start ups.

More later, in case this crashes again.


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