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July 7, 2019, 02:45 PM
These are opportunities.

And I dare say, probably one of the easiest, fastest and potentially the most lucrative of these might be...

the stored value in your brain
or in your Rolodex (Contacts)

I know, I KNOW, ONLY we old timers keep a Rolodex file.

We soon will be learning strategies about ACQUISITION and looking for and at distressed businesses or undervalued assets, both I like to call STORED VALUE (from Harvey Brody).

You need not to acquire or involve yourself with anyone, IF, IF YOU start to mine the stored value in your own mind.

One reason I am doing the POCKET PRO series is: as an example, maybe even a template for YOU to follow.

The first one, on PERSUASION, I beta tested with you for free. The Copywriting one already has people wanting to send me money (yea for me, but they have to answer some questions first).

A single piece of paper makes a nice 16 page booklet. A single piece of paper makes 2 3x5 cards and a half page cheatsheet.

TWO SHEETS of paper make a 20 dollar product. Surely, you have the ability to do this too.

My thinking is, it is going to be hard for you to cash in on the bigger deals, where there could be thousands of dollars in play for some stored value, IF, you don't have a little background in mining the gold already stored.

But, feel free to read. It is interesting stuff.


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