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July 9, 2019, 09:08 AM
Today, I'm focused on my Copywriting course, and my "BOOK" on the TV show we are pitching. Many intersections, as has been pointed out, between Hollywood and Copywriting. Our old friend, Herschell Gordon Lewis, was into movies before he became a renown copy writer.

But, I'm taking a morning break, because we have a break in the weather and have the perfect morning to reflect.

So reflect I will.

Looking at business in general, my advice to younger people would be...

absentee owned businesses. Control and Toll. Creatives. DEMAND.

Although selling and copy writing has been a big part of my life, my advice is find a product you don't really have to sell. One where copywriting isn't needed.

Like cookies. Little Debbie sits on the shelf; oft times all by her self, and a daily parade marches her way, and clears the shelf by the end of the day.

I've never read a single word of copy and no one has ever had to sell me a Little Debbie Nutty Buddy.

CONSUMABLE. It is where I would put my attention if young and looking to build a sustainable business. They buy it, use it up, buy it again. Again. And again.

Like Harvey Brody's ZOOM SPOUT OILER, to the tune of what? over 100 million units in the last 55 years. Leveraged via distributors, where it too sits on the shelves, and the parades pass by, picking up a new can because they have almost consumed the old one. See?

Starbucks. And a million and one other examples.


And along with that, of course, the CONTROL and TOLL. A bakery licenses HOSTESS brands, and become the local manufacturer.

McKee, Little Debbie's owner ships over 900 million cartons of products a year.

So, consider consumables.

ABSENTEE businesses. If younger, I'd get into the automated ICE business, and have several locations. All with filtered water too.

As we learn more about ACQUISITIONS via Sherman Hunter's info, I would encourage people to acquire some absentee businesses.

What is the perfect business?

Well, some might argue, a MONEY MAKING MACHINE doesn't have to be a business, per se, as in trading or stocks, where there isn't a product at all.

The ideal biz for you might be one you enjoy doing, get satisfaction from and have control over.

My opinion as to the PERFECT product is: (drum roll.....................)


as the PRODUCT. Bet a few of you saw that coming, eh?

Melvin Powers told me twice, 20 years apart, that if he were starting over, he'd start with ONE self-help book and build off of that.

Call it whatever you want, self-improvement, self-help, but I think the lifetime value of helping people get what they want is priceless.

If they want a chocolate covered sugar coated snack, then there is the market for that. Hostess, Little Debbie, et al, prove that every day.

So, anyhow. What advice would you give, or take re: your business journey?

How would you advise people to make their moolah?


PS. I see it as ONE piece of a five part puzzle, the golden piece of the SQ1.

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