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July 18, 2019, 12:44 PM
Dien and I had contacted Mr. Lewis a few years ago, and he told Dien that the movies of today, in his genre were EXCREMENT.

And, NETFLIX, as good as it has been, is now getting fuller than a porta potty at Burning Man. And with Disney looming like a Mind Flayer in the Upside Down world, Netflix may be doomed.

It will change or die. It will evolve, perhaps becoming smaller and more niched, or go the way of Montgomery Wards, Radio Shack and Woolworth's. Finite'

I think Hollywood, like New York publishers have their heads in the sand, or stuck elsewhere where the excrement flows from.

S1 Ep1 of Real Bros of Simi Valley (YouTube) has over 5 million views so far. That done with not much more than a camera and a cast of willing to be idiots.

Does Wade Burn? is seeping into the youth vocabulary.

And publishing? Good luck Barnes and Noble, good luck.

And in Hollywood, EVERY person who ever had a job doing something, is now selling their services to the very lucrative wannabee crowd, of screen writers, actors, would be directors, producers.

I think Ben D. Over, a former 2nd Grip on one movie, is now doing a MASTER CLASS.

For a price, you can get your script reviewed. Your log line. Your high concept. You can buy coverage.

It reminds me of all those POETRY anthologies back in the day, where for a price, you could become a published poet.

Maybe time to revive that scam? Vanity publishing used to be the print scam of the day, for would be authors...thanks Amazon and Kindle, for creating a different kind of a scheme, eh?

Sure, STRANGER THINGS was/is some decent entertainment, but those horrific low budget movies Netflix is hurtling our way are just too much.

The market will sort itself out, as it usually does.

But as for opportunity, YOU don't need Hollywood's discards' help, or Publishing gurus of yesteryear. Get with the times.

Does Wade Burn? Well, once for sure, but that is all it took for Rev. Jim from the Real Bros of The Sunshine Cab Company (Bros Alex, Tony, Bobby, Elaine and Latka and even Louie) was one bite of a brownie.

So it isn't Does Wade Burn? But more likely...will he become Rev. Wade? HA!


PS. I get most of you have no idea what I'm talking about, which is OK, the point is if you want to do something, do it, you don't need anyone's or any industry's permission, eh?

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