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July 26, 2019, 05:44 PM
Helping a young person with ADHD, here is one technique I have taught him, culled from my own experiences.

Awareness of thought. Awareness when mind shifts.

Intercept the thought. I write down a key word about what I was trying to focus on, sort of a tripwire to get back to it.

Intervene. Have an intervention for that new thought, or all intruding thoughts, write them down and tell them you will revisit once you are DONE with what you were doing.

Proceed. Go back to your original thought.

Example. I'm writing a scene for one of my scripts, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, an Idea, about a different scene or even a different script jumps to my attention.

I write it down, always carry a notebook with me, and always have one on my desk.

So I say to the thought. That is a great idea. Let me write it down. Now that I have intercepted and caught you, I now intervene, (come between you and my current work), but know you are not ignored or fogotten...and then I

proceed. I see the word, the trigger, or tripwire to my original train of thought and that gets me back on path.

Early going, it may be constant, but with some practice, it could work for you too.

You check your email. You see a personal correspondence, along with several auto responders you've signed up for. You want to read the latest from your guru, but the personal note has to be answered NOW. So, maybe open the link in a NEW WINDOW, not browser tab, but a new window so you are not tempted to peek at it, even if Aunt Mary's news is boring as heck.

Today, focus is a big challenge for all of us. It is very difficult for new people trying to start a business, especially an Internet Marketing one, so many choices.

Just today, I told a guy what I would do, if in his shoes. And that amounted to stop everything and focus one ONE thing for two weeks, EDUCATION about a subject. We've talked for years here about TOLL positions and LICENSING, and you would find many posts and threads, with a lot of good resources and books, reports or videos to watch on the subject.

This recent post re: Joe Cossman, brought a lot of questions, as to the HOW and I always refer them to Amazon and look for the experts and books on the subject. A concentrated two to three weeks, about 90 minutes a day and any one will have a good grasp of the steps and opportunities regarding Intellectural Property and how to get the most from it.

Awareness. Joe Cossman video made some aware of this NEW thing (to them).

Intercepted their thought and sent me email.

I intervened and gave them lists of their next step in THAT direction.

They Proceeded, solving their problem (lack of knowledge of) in the direction of their goals (to know more about licensing).

Try it a few times, see if AIIP will work for you.


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