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August 19, 2019, 12:02 PM
ON Sept. 1, we hope to release the latest revised, upgraded version of BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING, a free report which I originally wrote 20+ years ago.

But this one will be different, a lot less Gordonesque and more COLLABORATION.

Those old timers, dear friends in some cases, have departed this world...and the Parade of Life marches on.

People like Jim Straw, Melvin Powers, Joe Karbo, some of my original mentors are no longer with us. And many of the sites I linked to in previous versions have disappeared.

So here is the deal.

The NEW BYBA will be shorter, less philosophical, more practical and useful HOW TO and


WHO to follow. And this is where you could come in.

SEEKING success. Online, offline, all round the town. If you operate any successful business, have a course, training, web site, affiliate program, do Facebook ads, use social media...

in other words if you are TUNED into to now and not living in the past, we'd like to include you in the new version. It looks like maybe half a page to a full page for you to include a what you do blurb...a

or LINKS to your site, or sales page, or opt in, whatever. And you will be able to give BYBA away to your customers or lists too, or post at your blog.

But SEPT 1 is only 12 DAYS AWAY.

Let me know ASAP if you would want to be included or if you know of anyone who would want to be included. Over the years, thousands of copies of BYBA have been circulated. It could be worth your while to be in.

Send me an email to gjabiz@yahoo.com put BYBA in the subject line.



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