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September 12, 2019, 09:21 AM
Coaching has EX p l o d e d in the last few years. So, I took an in depth look at it. YIKES. And in a minute, some food for thought, if you're hungry enough.

I want to be a coach. What are my options, and I want to make big bux doing it. How?

ActionCoach has 1000 offices in 26 countries. Big guys. 50 to 100 thousand dollars franchise fee, ongoing fees.

A side note on this one. ActionInternational, the original version, sold master franchises. Here in NEO, the Master sold 7 franchises. Six of those were closed in two years or less. That's food for thought. When things fail, change your name, be the Phoenix and rise from the ashes, (works more often than we think about).

50 grand out of your wallet range? Try

The GrowthCoach, slightly cheaper at 40 to 80 thou.

Still a gag?

The Entrepreneur's Source, at 45 thousand.

AdviCoach, offers CERTIFICATION, sister co. to Entrepreneur's Source. 45k

The Alternative Board, TAB certified business coaches, fees start 44k

Focal Point, from Bryan Tracy, lets you work from home, also 45K

One of the hottest, fast growing coaching businessess EOS (Entrepreneur Operation Systems), from Gino Wickman. A certified implementer will set you out about 30k.

Now all of the above have ongoing fees, royalties and overhead/expenses.

Now they also come with tested and proven marketing plans and all have some demonstrated success in helping small businesses grow. But it can be an expensive way to "buy a job", which is what it looks like to me.

Or, there is the low cost entry way:

69.95 https://www.expertrating.com/certifications/Business-Coach/Business-Coach-Certification.asp

Quick and easy, with a nice CERTIFICATE too.

There are at least a dozen such programs, which can turn you into a CERTIFIED Coach of something or other. Old timers might recall I wrote about starting your own Certification program almost 17 years ago. Why don't you listen????

And this is only about BUSINESS coaches. Then there are the LIFE COACHES. People with the desire to tell other people how to live their lives. (Or is that too cynical for you?)

Well, again, a paltry 69.95 and VOILA you're a Certified Life Coach...

Or only 275

Spend $100,000.00 to get your Certificate or 69.95.

Now here is what all have in common. Like most of these Business opportunities, it is not buy it and profit. NOT build it and they will come.

All, EVERY single one of them, requires customer acquisition, finding people to buy your coaching. And the more you charge, the more SELLING you will be doing. At the top levels, you have MEETINGS.
And call them evaluations, or do we fit meetings, free consults, they are in fact, SALES meetings.

If you can't close a sale, somehow, someway, Coaching may not be for you.

Why all this research into Coaching? Am I going to start it? Well, not exactly.

But I am (finally) going to give the GJA-SQ1 a test run.

But it isn't coaching, but more of a training. One BIG difference between all of the above, every single offer to turn you into a coach, calls for you to learn, use, apply and replicate THEIR SYSTEM, their methods, their process.

And maybe it works for small business, to get systems in place, a cookie cutter, same here as there approach might work (if the business commits to it)...but when you take that

ONE SIZE FITS ALL, Off OUR rack, do it this way type of training, it falls apart at the one person level,

And that is the GJA-SQ1 advantage. CUSTOMIZED, one of a kind training comes from using the tools of the SQ1, as it is done by the individual.

So, how much should my GJA-SQ1 CERTIFICATION cost? And as a money making opportunity, where would it fit on the spectrum of investing in your business of between 69.95 and 140,000 thousand dollars?

Just wondering.

Any coaches out there? Care to comment?


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