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Dien Rice
September 21, 2019, 07:48 AM
This will relate to another post I will post shortly.

I had a client last year that had thousands and thousands of followers on Facebook.

The client asked me to help turn those followers to buyers. I suggested that the client create a video explaining a procedure that would produce a "perfect" item for this group.

I suggested putting the video on a popular software-based webpage platform so it would be easy to take orders, etc. The platform worked perfectly. Ad copy was good.

The result?

4 sales! Yikes !

We concluded that because the client had given away so much information away in the past for free... that the followers assumed that they could produce the "perfect" item themselves without having to buy a product showing them how to do it.

It seems to me that just because someone has a lot of members in a group online... or a lot of followers... doesn't mean they will buy.

Just goes to show you, the best buyers are those who have already bought from you.... or those who have bought from someone else who refers you.

I tell this story to set up another post about selling magic.
Hi Millard,

Thanks for sharing that story!

I agree... it can be hard to go from "free" to "pay", if it's not planned that way...

I think you have to plan it that way from the start. The "free" information should be an introduction, which can (and should) be very valuable. But if they want to get more advanced info, they can get the "paid" information...

If it's planned carefully from the start, of course, the "free" information marketing approach can work very well...

One business which uses it very well is Agora Financial...


They have a number of free newsletters. And if you want the deeper stuff, you have to pay... I believe they make hundreds of millions of bucks a year in profit (if not more)...

Best wishes,


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