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December 9, 2019, 03:52 AM
Thanks Dien,

After watching a Retired Army guy from the UK explain how he used
EMF radio waves to Change the DNA of Belfast Protesters. To make them EXTINCT.

No more babies.

At lower EMF radiation levels than my Mac Computer, Phone, Wifi, Home Smart Meter - I got an EMF Meter.

And Bought some gizmos - that Transmute the Dangerous Radiation to SAFE Radio Waves.

But Just now I read that 600 5G Towers have gone up in Baltimore City - near me. AND the Major Stadium where the Ravens Football Team plays has Teamed up (Get it? "Teamed") with Verizon to INSTALL 5G there ALREADY.

5G is 100 TIMES Stranger than EMF.

Looking for something to WEAR to Block 5G Radiation.

Found this video on YouTube.

ARE You Guys REALLY this 5G wired up Now?



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