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Dien Rice
December 27, 2019, 06:42 PM
Some people want to live the "nomad" lifestyle... Traveling around. And making a living at the same time!

The great thing is... It is probably more doable now than at any other time in history!

Here's an interesting article about a German guy, living the "nomad" lifestyle, traveling all around Europe...

He rigged up his car with a "roof tent." A roof tent is a small tent you can rig up on the roof of your car, so when you want to sleep, you can sleep in the tent on top of your car...

He once ran his own photography studio. But he didn't like the lifestyle he was living...

Now, on the road he still does some photography. He also has a blog, where he sells some merchandise. And he also organizes events for "roof top tent" enthusiasts like himself!

Apart from that, he basically travels and sleeps at any location he wants to around Europe...


There are challenges with his lifestyle... Cold weather can be a challenge (though I guess if he needs to, he can travel to warmer weather like the south of France or Greece). Unlike a high-end RV, he has no private bathroom, so he has to use public facilities (that would be the deal killer for me)!

However, it's fascinating the new lifestyle that can be lived nowadays, for those who want it badly enough!

Inside the life of a 40-year-old German man who gave up his photography studio and apartment to move into his car

Here's his website (with a mixture of English and German)...

Best wishes,


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