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Dien Rice
January 2, 2020, 01:26 AM
Here's a question from Zayne, about Harvey Brody and toll positions, which came as a message via the Sowpub Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/sowpub/)...

(Slightly edited, posted here with Zayne's permission...)

Hi Gordon,

I saw a couple of your posts about Harvey Brody here and on the Seeds of Wisdom forum. Maybe you can help.

I read Harvey's 36 page report in which he talks about controlling Toll-Positions and how, "...a person can merely control in an ongoing manner, but not actually own, a product or a concept that will enable that person to continuously earn an enormous amount of cash money, day after day, year after year, and decade after decade, without ever being "flipped" ... or what some people call "being by-passed"

He also goes into a bit of the specifics when he mentions that he subcontracts and also licenses the products to people and companies all over the world so that he receives an abundance of cash remuneration from it, without ever needing to touch the product or to do anything else other than to be rewarded with the huge ongoing profits that he derives from it.

And in his opinion, "selling specialty products through master distributors is one of the very best ways, and one of the easiest ways to earn and bank "tons" of cash money very quickly and in an ongoing manner."

At the end he also mentions, "I could start right now at this very moment with no money and also without any contacts, and I could create a "Toll-Position", or I could locate and acquire an initial "Toll-Position", and I could then proceed to become super-wealthy and also totally independent, given the knowledge that I possess."

I really need to learn this stuff. I've been searching many years for this type of information. I recently bought Jay Abraham's Masters of Passive Income where he also talks about getting into the Toll Booth Position. But I recently discovered that it was Harvey that coined that term and that he is actually the true master of controlling Toll Positions.

Harvey keeps mentioning in his report that if anyone follows in his footsteps, they cannot go wrong.

But where are those instructions? Does he have a course in which he really gets into the specifics, the nuts and bolts on how to do this?

I know he uses Thomas Register of American Manufacturers to locate "Toll-Position" prospects.

But what he does after that, I can only guess.

I guess he approaches those manufacturers and negotiates some type of exclusive rights?

Kind of like what Joseph Cossman did?

Then, if he says that he can start with no money and no contacts, and also avoids selling one product at a time, then I guess he would have to make a deal with some owners of distribution channels that can sell the products to thousands of people at a time on a performance basis?

Anyways, sorry for the long email. It's just fascinating.

The wheels in my head are turning BIG TIME!

If you know where I can get Harvey's course, let me know.

Thank you!

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