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View Full Version : Is The World Changing Too Fast? Here's One Guy Doing Something About It!

Dien Rice
January 18, 2020, 10:24 AM
The pace of technological change is fast... And it's just getting faster...

An alien appearing from outer space on earth today - who then time-traveled 25 years into the past, to 1995 - would think it was on a different planet...

Where did all those pocket computers (otherwise known as smart phones) from today go in 1995?

What the heck are these "Blockbuster" video stores which are everywhere in 1995?

And what are these video arcades where people put in their coins, and play these games, back in 1995?

Once upon a time, video games arcades were everywhere... (And prior to that, pinball arcades.)

Now, they're virtually gone.

The world changed. People now play video games on their home video game consoles, on their computers, and on their phones!

One man heroically refuses to let it happen!

He buys old stand alone video games - the kind that used to be at the arcades... And restores them. That can mean buying parts to make them work again.


How did he learn how to do it?

He didn't know how to do it before he started... But he found all the info by searching on the internet!

Although he doesn't sell them at this stage, this could be the start of a business (should he choose to make it one)...!

Just thought some might find this of interest... :)

Macungie man's unique hobby could soon become unique business

Best wishes,


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