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January 21, 2020, 10:23 PM
Thanks Dien,


Made you Look!

Never heard of this singer.

Her NLP TITLE Made Me LOOK too.

Didn't like her voice.

Didn't like her lyrics.

Didn't like her Tattoos.

Yup. She is Wearing a Bikini.

I cannot dance. But I dance better than her.

So she has to FIX a few things
to Really Take Advantage of The EYEBALLS her Song Title will get her.


Somebody taught her how to write the Same Kind of NLP Title
or Headline - that Self Made B*illionaires are using.

ANYBODY wanna Team up with me?

WE WILL Adapt The Psychology Behind her Headline to write a Short
ebook called,


"Veggie Porn" ?

"Bread Porn"

"Bread Machine Porn" ?

I have it 3/4 written.

Just needed a TITLE.


YOUR Job is to help me Create ODD "Flirt-With-Pretty-Barmaids-and-Waitresses-and-C*ashiers-As-You-Order-VEGETABLES" - Stories.


I just got a new Bread Machine for XMAS.

So I am planning to Ask Sports Restaurant

Barmaids and Waitresses
to TASTE TEST some Veggie Bread Recipe Samples.

Then TELL me Which one they LIKE BEST.

YOU SEE The WEIRDNESS There? The REASON This book will S*ELL WELL?

Nobody Else is Bringing FOOD into a Restaurant and Tipping Waitresses
with it. And CERTAINLY not Veggies!

Starting with:

Sweet Potato Bread

Brussel Sprout Bread

Prune Bread

Banana Orange Peel Bread

Apple Sauce Orange Peel Bread

Raisin Orange Peel Bread

(I am Baking the Raisin - Orange Peel Bread - right now - as I type this.)

OK. OK. Some fruit in there too.


P.S. - The cookbook niche on Amazon.com - is one of the biggest. So I have
been looking for a different ANGLE to Add To My Cookbook RECIPES.

Email me (AND SAY, "Glenn, I Want to Make Extra Dinero While I Flirt Tip with Vegetable-Bread-Machine-Recipes.)

My Moolah making hobby for 22 YEARS. So if you want to MAKE EXTRA C*ASH While you Order Veggies at Restaurants and Sports Bars...



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