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Dien Rice
February 3, 2020, 10:08 AM
In recent talks with several people who asked me questions about either mentoring or teaching them, I found there was a general lack of urgency about them.

That bothers me. Shouldn't, I have urgency in my own life, but where is the commitment to achievement? The want and desire?

Why does it seem like so many people today are casual about their goals? Or are they?

Maybe I'm just too old school now, when you wanted something and you moved mountains to get it, and at breakneck speed too.

I think it plays a big part in why so many are in the same place they were 3 or even 5 years ago, great ideas, casually acted on.

When was the last time you made a project urgent?
Hi Gordon,

Okay, this could shock some people...

Could it be a middle class vs "working class" thing?

I grew up middle class... My wife, though, was a refugee, and while she mostly grew up in Australia, in the very early part of her life, she grew up in a refugee camp...

One thing she has that I noticed is a real fear of poverty... Because she's experienced it.

Her family have done very well for themselves - from virtually nothing. Although they didn't have high paying jobs, they were very frugal, and invested their money in property... They want for nothing now.

She told me stories of how, when she was growing up (and they were already in Australia), they wouldn't go to the movie cinemas. Instead, they would go for entertainment to the public art galleries - which were free. They'd bring along a loaf of bread, and eat the bread, so they wouldn't have to waste money on expensive food during their outing...

A real treat for her and her brother was when they could get a McDonald's cheeseburger! They'd have to split it - so they'd each get half a cheeseburger!

(I've always thought it funny when she wanted to split a McDonald's cheeseburger with me! It brought back to her memories of her childhood!)

As you know, I've also had long talks with Harvey Brody (as you have)... Who is extremely successful in business. But he grew up poor, during the days of the Great Depression...

I think many people who come from such backgrounds are "hungrier"...

On the other hand, middle class folks probably never really know hunger, where your stomach is empty, and you don't have the money to fill it up... They figure it will never happen to them... So they're a lot more casual about these things.

As a result, they may be less "hungry" for big success too - something that will put them as far away from poverty as possible. Since they've never experienced real poverty...

Another point is, everyone in life encounters adversity in some form... Not only monetarily, but it could also be regarding health issues, legal issues, and so on.

When you encounter adversity, your mind focuses, and you do anything you can to get out of it, and to beat it!

I think this attitude could be the difference you're talking about... Many people never encounter real monetary adversity. They are comfortable (which is great)! But... as a result, they never truly focus on BIG success...

It would be "nice" to have... But they are very "comfortable" and as a result, they may not have that drive and focus...

Best wishes!


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