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Steve MacLellan
February 5, 2020, 05:44 PM
Windows7 won't be supported any longer by Microsoft. I've seen a lot of ads urging folks to upgrade to Windows10. Some won't they're scared of breaking something. Some will and they will discover that their old laptop has slowed right to a crawl with Windows10. Heck, might be time for a new laptop.

Two years ago I installed Windows10 on my laptop which previously had Windows7 on it. Windows10 slowed it down so bad, I hardly picked up over the last two years. Was thinking of giving it away to a recycler. Then I saw an article from PC magazine How to Make the Switch From Windows to Linux (https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-make-the-switch-from-windows-to-linux).

Well, I was going to trash the laptop anyway. Why not give it a try?

An hour later I had a laptop that was working great! Joined a Reddit forum for new Linux Mint users. Seems a lot of people had the same idea. But a lot of people didn't. I'm seeing numerous ads in the classifieds for laptops for sale. Looks like a lot of people tried to install Windows10. If they only had 4GB of ram, like my laptop, theirs must be running as crappy as mine did.

A couple of these new Linux users are buying up old laptops like mine, putting Linux on them like I did and re-selling them. Good opportunity to make some extra dollars. It's easy to learn too. I'll try and include a picture of the installation on my laptop.


This version seems to be quite popular with Windows users. You can see some similarity. When you hover over top of the menu items, many will have a list drop down with other things in the same category. For example, hovering over "Internet" in menu shows related menu items: browser, mail program, FTP client, coding editor etc.

One of the fellows from Reddit said he was offering these to seniors along with some basic instruction on how to send email, use a browser, and pull up Libre Office to write a letter.

Hope some of you will find this useful.


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