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Dien Rice
February 9, 2020, 03:52 AM
I'm talking specifically about nonfiction writing here.

You try... and the words just don't come. There could be many reasons...

Maybe you don't know enough about your topic yet.
Maybe it's not clearly organized in your head yet.
Maybe you're just too dang tired.

What I do when that happens is...

...I do research.

That often helps. I've found you can't "force" good writing to come when you just can't do it!

But... research always helps. It could give you new angles to write about. It can help clarify your ideas. It might even give you ideas for other projects...

The following link gives the advice ace copywriter Denny Hatch collected, from a number of copywriters, writers, and entrepreneurs, about what to do...

Why should you care?

When you can write effectively - you can make things happen. (And... get people to pay for it.)

How to Avoid Writer’s Block

Best wishes!


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