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March 17, 2020, 11:19 AM
Are you being PRO active about World War C-19? Or are you still shell shocked at how suddenly things turned?

Get over the shock, and start DOING. Do some little things.

Be like the 1st grader, get some dixie cups, some dirt, and plant some seeds.

A small step. But getting your hands dirty today, will have several benefits for you in the future. The first is, FOOD you can actually eat, like the lowly radish, which is normally a garnish.

But it has good nutrition too.

Sprouts. Good to eat, fast to grow. Here's a hint, not that anyone is going to garage sales these days, but one very cheap thing I buy a lot of is...
tupperware and plastic containers.

Chances you have a shelf full of these (most without lids too, HA)...

These can be repurposed and become your sprout, micro green growers. If you have a lid, a little trimming, some holes punched in the top and you have the poor man's KIT. HINT. Stock up on cheap coffee filters, when cut, they hold the seeds nicely for your water gardens.

Now, we've had many Kitchen gardens over the years, in fact I wrote about some of them a decade and a half ago. We had a lot of Stevia growing (in my quest to get rid of diabetes) and mint, and other teas, sprouts and such.

I've had scores of backyard gardens, and some pretty dang big ones too.

I got lazy, why bother when the store has a "Fresh Market".

It isn't so much about the FOOD, which is a great side benefit. It is an ACTION you can control.

Because so much of our future is unknown, we have panic buying (which is a subconscious form of trying to be in control) and that leads to fear and being reactive to all news, real or fake, we take in.

BY being ACTIVE, today, right now...doing something with a FUTURE BENEFIT
to it, goes a long way to easing your mind, reducing stress, and giving you a small bit of control over something you can do.

Likewise, a great time to start some home exercise, or like Glenn Osborn suggest do the energy power exercises, raise your energy levels, get your body ready for the future, lose a few pounds, work on that six pack.

It has been awhile, so I will defer to those who are CURRENTLY doing it, when it comes to micro farming, or kitchen window crops, or little backyard gardens...so if you are, then share with us your secrets, techniques, methods and maybe we can take a little control of our lives.

Most people can get some DIRT, or buy a bag of grow stuff, or watch some youtube about water gardens (hydroponics)...

And in a few weeks, have some k eto (odd thing, the forum won't let me type it) Sauteed Radishes, delicish!!

It is Day 5 of the NATIONAL EMERGENCY, but only Day 2 of what would be a Work/School day, and we're still figuring out what to do next.

In the meantime, back at the ranch (YOUR place) start taking control of a little bit of time and DO that which will benefit your future, ease your mind and make this a less stressful time.


PS. Dien and I will be releasing a NEW (albeit composite) report very soon. When I say composite, it is because over the last 35 years I have written scores of reports, many of which were targeted to other "hard times" or emergencies...and the good advice of yesteryear is just as useful today as it was then.

We will have new STUFF, on how to MAKE MONEY (always a biggie with me, cause when a crisis hits, Cash is King and Barter is Queen)...and other areas which we've covered over the years.

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