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March 18, 2020, 10:49 AM
Five things.

1) Your HEALTH.
2) Your thinking (call it mindset or whatever).
3) Your living "SITUATION", or your Status Quo, where you are at NOW.
4) Your opportunities based on your using your knowledge and experience.
5) Your FUTURE.

HEALTH. Sure, health should always be a top priority and for some of us it is. We eat right, exercise, don't abuse our bodies but turns out we're in the minority.

Health only comes into focus for many people when it becomes an acute must attend to situation. Today, it is acute for all of us and we want to avoid it becoming a CHRONIC problem lasting for years, right?

We welcome a discussion on HEALTH, although I'm pretty much Anti Supplement (with some exceptions) and will closely monitor any "cures", or claims made here.

MINDSET. We've discussed being proactive rather than reactive, as in starting to DO something which has long range benefits while relieving stress too. I have also talked about BARTER, which requires other people, and for over 25 years have discussed NETWORKING, building a network of support, of buyers and sellers.

Another big part of your mindset is MONEY, that is, what is it? And all old timey SowPubers know my take: it is just ONE way to exchange value. But they also know that in hard times, my first call to action is MAKE MORE MONEY.

STATUS QUO. We have seen the world change at a dizzying speed, in less than 2 weeks we've had our leader go from a Hoaxer to "always taking it serious"...and about 101 Hail Mary's in that time frame.

For millions of people it is safe to say their Status Quo, their situations, have or about to change. Are you ready?

OPPORTUNITIES. Growth is the biggest one before us, how we grow as people, as a person what we learn about each other and ourselves.

And there is an opportunity to overcome the fear of the multitudes with focused and dedicated ACTION. Like the small act of planting radishes.

Opportunites for making money, even THRIVING in the coming days, without harming, hurting or depriving anyone else of anything they need too. HELPFULNESS may be one the cornerstones of your new wealth.

FUTURE. "Que sera, sera..." sings Doris Day brilliantly. The future is not ours to see, may be true on a Global level, but I think you should TRY to see your future on a personal one.

If you do nothing, except follow the rules and hunker down...where will you be in a year? What gets effected? Who gets affected? How does your life change, if at all?

Those are my FIVE ideas of the day, feel free to add, or discuss.


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