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April 26, 2020, 02:18 PM
Down into the money making during C-19 crisis rabbit hole I went.

Set off by an offer to learn of the 93 profitable side hustles you can do to make $$$ during the crisis, with a BONUS of 345 MORE profitable side hustles...

So, I grab my lunch box and set off to see the Wizard(s) of Side Hustles, which took me all the way back to George Haylings and his LIFETIME OF HOMEWORK.

On one of the many drives I have, there are thousands of "side hustles"

From George Haylings, Jim Straw, Bud Weckesser, Chase Revel, Ron Ruiz and our own Dien Rice, who has in my opinion, done the best job of researching these little known biz-ops of all of them.

Now Jim Straw, DID the most of them, he had hands on experience, while the others mostly did research.

All told, several THOUSAND ways to make a buck.

And now 93 more. Sigh. BIG sigh.

Got as much out of the Haylings stuff as was in the NEW, Covid-19 friendly, get through the crisis and prosper, BS, out there now.

It ALL comes back to some basics.

1) You don't get paid for doing nothing. Even lottery winners have to buy a ticket.

2) Do what everyone else is doing, get what they get...which isn't much, most so-called "side hustles" can't even catch up to mommy's pin money, for hemming and sewing projects she did at home.

3) You have to have an I N T E R S E C T I O N where a prospect meets you and your offer/service/product.

And in the 1,001+ side hustles, part-time, moonlighting, spare moments one uses to make some moolah...very few of them actually are worth pursuing, unless that 40 bux a week for for 40 hours of your time (surveys) is going to make a difference to you.

I will say these NEW ideas, are often slickly promoted as the number of trained, schooled COPYWRITERS are taking a "copy" and turning it into gold...I think this year, we'll reach 4 billion as the number of copywriters.

Two BIG problems with most reports on Biz-Op, ONE, they leave out the slop and mess (time) most require...


How to actually sell your side hustle and get paid for it. Sure, doing surveys, which made all the top lists of TODAY, is simple enough, albeit the name you give away will be used to make ten times what they pay you, cause you goin on a "sucker's list"...can you say hello TELETUBBIE marketers?

I did find a couple of IDEAs which I am giving further thought and research time too, if only to recoup my time loss whilst in that hole of hustles.


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