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April 26, 2020, 08:19 PM
I've gotten several inquiries these last few weeks, and have taken on a couple of students, but my copywriting course is very different from most. First I discourage people from taking it, and more often, I reject students because I know we don't fit.

I charge 10 dollars a lesson. How many will you need?

How the heck would I know? I don't know what experience, bad education, wrongful instruction you've already rec', or what bad habits you've acquired.

The first lesson is YOU drawing the PictoGrigm of Persuasion in your own handwriting, then we go over it.

Lesson two is for you to write copy for any product you've recently purchased, preferably in the 100 dollar range. You will write a DIRECT RESPONSE promotion, usually four or five revisions until I write it, then we go over it.

Lesson three is writing a direct response promotion for anything you want, preferably in the direction of what your goal for copywriting is.

Beyond that, it gets very customized, each lesson custom tailored to meet your needs, wants and purpose.

So there you go. Probably NOT for you, but feel free to contact me at gjabiz@yahoo.com with COPYWRITING in the subject header, we'll exchange a few emails first, fair enough?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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