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Dien Rice
May 2, 2020, 07:14 PM
Many places (in the USA and elsewhere) are "opening up"...people are heading back to work...

Is it over then?

I don't want to be a "party pooper," but...

It won't work - unless it is accompanied by - at the very least - massive testing.

But, apparently it's reported that not even Congress has enough coronavirus tests to test all 100 senators...

If that's so, how can they test John Q. Public, if he needs it?

Here's why this is important...

The coronavirus has not been eliminated.

According to the "Worldometer (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)" website, the USA still has over 2 million active cases.

That means that any of those can pass the virus on to other people...

And keep in mind, it's probably higher than that - because the awful thing about this disease is, people can get it with no symptoms...

And even with no symptoms, they can pass it on to others.

So, let's say a person went to a restaurant...

...and that's the only place he went to for several days.

He starts feeling the symptoms... He believes he has Covid-19.

Let's say he is able to get a test to confirm it...

Well, who did he get it from?

Probably one of the people at the restaurant... But who?

Unless you can test everyone who was there, you won't know.

It could be a person with no symptoms... Who will probably go on to infect a lot of other people - without even knowing he's doing so.

So...I say it's not over.

More tests are needed, at a very, very minimum...

I'm afraid "opening up" too early will make cases spike...

I hope I'm wrong.

Best wishes,


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