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May 5, 2020, 10:56 AM
Hi Gordon,

That's an awesome (and wise) post!

Another related question...

What will things look like, this time next year?

Will we be out of the pandemic, and back to normal?

Will we be in the middle of a second wave... worse than the first one?

Will the country, and the world, have descended into anarchy?

We already see some (not looking good) signs... Meat is starting to be in short supply...

Will people draw guns to get that last chicken drumstick?

I hope not...

Expect the worst, but hope for the best...

That's a good "survival" slogan!

Here's my prediction...

Sorry to be a bit of a "downer" - but I like to try to be a "realist"...

I don't think we'll be out of it in a year's time.

I think there will be a second wave...

The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic had a second wave, worse than the first...

But... I don't think we'll descend into complete anarchy...

I believe in the positivity of the human spirit...!

Best wishes,


The state of Michigan is already in anarchy. This is what the Radical Right have dreamt about for years, it is like Christmas morning for them. 50 years ago yesterday, was the May 4 massacre at Kent State University. Tanks rolled through the streets, martial law was ON.

We're just beginning. As I wrote a month ago, the warmer weather will be a turning point, thankfully, we are in a cool spell this week.

The cabin fever is bursting at the seems. By the end of this month, some of your most dire "realist" thoughts will be made manifest for all to see, and we may all question the positivity of the human spirit.

We've only just begun.


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