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May 9, 2020, 11:20 AM
I don't want CLIENTS.

I don't want CUSTOMERS.

I don't want CONSUMERS.

All of the above are trades of time for money. Which isn't bad, IF you learn how to leverage that time spent.

Gee Gordy, what do you want?

Well, today, Covid-19 Crisis time, I want students, and an argument could easily be made they are all of the above, but it is how you think about them.

See, about 25 years ago I came up with the idea, the Prospect is the Product, and a couple of decades ago, even wrote a report about that.

The IDEAL product you can offer to anyone, is THEMSELVES, of a new, improved, enhanced, version of them. And this can lead to great continuity programs, or increase the LIFETIME value of a customer. As an example of this MASTERY, look to the plethora of young girls who have become social influencers and have been rewarded with millions.

Because, big BEAUTY; L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, etc., is a multi BILLION dollar business with built in


programs. Buy cream, use it, buy more, refill, refill, refill...try new lipstick, this shade, that color...

WE can a learn a lot from big beauty, I've written about it before. What, last year the youngest billionaire on Forbes was Kylie Jenner, and her BEAUTY/cosmetics line.

I have a few "students" I've been working with for over a decade, about 12 years ago, I opened up a training, it went for between 500 and 1000 bux, and many of those guys have become good friends.

Back then, I was all WHITEBOARD, WHITEBOARD, WHITEBOARD. I guess I've come full circle back to it. I have them, all around, don't use them as much as I once did, but since I put it on my wall (had to take down the giant pic of Nixon)...It has become a daily tool which has already paid for itself many times over.

Sure, clients, consumers and customers can be a pain in the patoot, but they can also be great friends and members of your ever expanding circle of influence.

STUDENTS can often go on and outgrow the teacher, which is something I encourage. Go, learn more, do more, know more than ME, that would be wonderful. Go, make me proud.

I mentioned Mike McGroarty recently, I'd bet you he has people in his group from 20 years ago, same as Bill Myers does, same as WE do here. Dien and I have seen many SowPubbers who years ago planted their

own seeds of wisdom to get their harvests of happiness....

if that has been monetary happiness, or personal satisfaction it is great knowing we helped them, maybe guided or even mentored them...and watched them soar far beyond us.

One thing we attracted way back then, were people who were attracted to my flow low, make the dough philosophy. There was a lot of BECOME A GURU , become somebody, be known, be a part of the syndicate, be in the group, etc., etc.

I never much cared to join a club that would want me as a member, Ha!

So many of the people we've worked with over the years, remain unknown in the big IM world, or are simply doing their things without the need to blast their names all over the Net. Even FORBES billionaires, are for the most part unknown to the general public, how many of the top 20 can you name?

But, take off Bezos, Buffet and Gates...how you doing now?

FLY LOW AND COLLECT THE DOUGH was an important philosopy passed onto me by a friend and a former Navy guy too, Bob Beckman. Bob was a very interesting guy, and when he visited me here in Cuyahoga Falls, we took a memorable trip to MARY CAMPBELL'S CAVE.

Bob was a successful consultant. Well known in his niche, unknown outside of it, and he was the guy who warned me:
"Gordon, you're getting pretty close to GURU status, are you sure you want to go that route, or would you just rather FLY LOW AND COLLECT THE DOUGH?"

He was right. Back then, I was spending too much time on forums and bulletin boards and giving out advice, getting my ego stroked, and making enemies as well as friends. I found early on I didn't fit in with what was forming as a pack of predatory marketers which are still eating off the bones of their prey. But to be fair, some are dining at the Ritz too, so there is that.

Anyhow. What do you want? NOW. Yea, I've asked that question for ever, but there is a giant crossroads in our lives right now, and it might be time to choose the path less taken, or get on the expressway to freedom and financial independence...

and decide where you want to go. Maybe customers, clients and consumers will be your choice, and that is great for you. But if you want to help people, teach, and share your experiences to make other lives better, consider

TEACHING. Your students will profit and prosper from your sharing.


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