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Dien Rice
May 21, 2020, 04:26 PM
Hi Gordon,

Everything you say here is very wise!

Luckily, I have a wife who teases the heck of out of me... So it's hard to get too pompous... :)

I've been trying my hand at jokes... Here's the best I've done so far, I think...

I went flying on a plane the other day. It was full of elephants.

I called over the flight attendant, and asked, "Why is this plane full of elephants?"

She said, "Didn't you know? This is a jumbo jet."

Maybe I can write kids' books? :)

Best wishes,


There are a lot of people on that side...and the closer we get to the heat, although plans appear to "go back to normal" and "let em die" may be in place...the worst is yet to come. But...

Like you, I'm optimistic.

ONE thing I've observed in my life, most of us (98%) keep our silly, goofy, funny, even stupid side of ourselves and most have one, deeply hidden.

EMBARRASSMENT is one of the leading causes of failure. Or a clear reason why many folk don't acheive much more than a mediocre existence and they know it and it eats at their core...

because they know they could be doing so much better. More. Good stuff.

But they don't want to embarrass themselves. NO one wants to be laughed at, except comedy performers, and a sense of shame starts when we are children and do something stupid or goofy in front of others.

I know that has personally affected me, for many years.

It can lead to retreat and hiding out, or it can be fuel for success...many a success has been ridiculed and came away with an "I'll show you"...attitude.

There is an old saying about dying of embarrassment, although, NO one really does. Humiliation, can be a positive force, although it mostly creates animosity and negative results.

But here is the thing.

Amazing things happen to you when you give up the ego, at least the public one, and just do what you want to do. Today, a guy who embodies and teaches this is Mark Manson who wrote the book


I wish this book would have been written 50 years ago, instead of the HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE which now seems like Pablam to me.

My retrovision shows a tad bit too much trying to win friends and influence people and not enough of not giving a F**k about what others thought.

I can't tell my 30 year old self to change directions, but I can tell you, if you are younger and still get nervous about embarrassing yourself, I will tell you...

GO AHEAD. Be silly, goofy, funny, lame... all those things your 12 year old self wants to avoid...which is ridicule and embarrassment.

When you get over the importance of your SELF, and realize the only person you have to please and satisfy is YOURSELF...and only you know what kind of a job you are doing.

YOU know if you could do better. YOU know if you can do more. YOU know what is holding you back and if that anchor or governor you have is not wanting to be ridiculed...NOW is the time to let your goofy side out.

Can you imagine Gates or Buffet or Bezos doing a TIK TOK dance? I can. I can imagine it.

I know we'll never see it. Why would the walking gods want to appear human?

But how entertaining would that be to see one of the richest men in the world
do a little jig, do a little dance, be a little bit goofy? Would they DIE of embarrassment?

Would they have to give back one of their billions? What would the cost be to them?

I don't know or care, but the cost to the rest of us has been huge. Our fears of what other people think about us, and the brakes they have been for us, has been damaging.

I, like Dien, am doing my thing, trying to protect my family, even though my youngest kid survived her Covid-19 episode, and she has several friends in NYC who have lost loved ones...she is a reminder that it is real.

It is out there. IT is a killer. And simple, sane precautions can help those of us with big targets on our back, have to keep moving so as to make it harder of a target to be hit.

But that doesn't mean we are hiding out, or not participating. It simply means we are exercising prudent discretion, but if you all want to hit the beaches, by all means do your thing.

As for the opportunities, I agree with Dien, they are plentiful...and there are many that do not have the slop and mess that so many of yesterday's ideas had...I see no need to ever to out and contact businesses to solicit for any programs I might have to help them out.

My knocking on doors, cold calling and being belly to belly with others is a thing of the past. Why would I? When there are so many better ways to get a return on your investments.

So, I'll post up my TIK TOK dance soon enough, and let my silly side shine because ... well, the comments section of my life's blog in the cloud is set to OFF.


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