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July 22, 2020, 11:39 AM
Report: status of SowPubbers, world at large??

-Does if feel like you are paddling your little boat in stagnant waters, and with only one oar, going in circles?

It seems the pause button has become the norm, doesn't it?

If your future is starting to feel a bit uncertain, if you are off the path you were on a few months ago, then this may be for you.

Over the weekend, I was surprised that someone sent me 10 bux for a report I hadn't thought about in years. It was one of the last Warrior Forum's WSO's that I ran, and for 10 bux it did ok. Most of you oldsters know I chose the low cost, peanuts on the bar, model for my works...offering a something a few times a year to a list of buyers who share the thought>>>

10 bux? OK, I'm in.

And I try not to disappoint, most feel they got fair value for that 10 bux. In this case he was searching for the Square One Workshops, which I asked Dien to hide while I worked on them, but I sent him the link to see what sort of feedback I might get, if any.

At the same time, other email was from some old timers I haven't heard from in forever and a couple of guys whom I thought had got lost...one is, literally, hiding in a cabin in the woods, without Internet access and poor cell service. YIKES?

A couple asked about chatteling, my answer was to them, sell to people who have money; and want to spend it (RV's Boats, Campers).

The report I sold, and don't even know where or how this person found it is:


And with the bonus material, I have to say it was one of my better works, way back in 2008. Hard to believe it has been 12 years. Time and tides wait for no man.

But here we are. Stuck in the Covid Pandemic muck, spinning our wheels and being little hamsters on the treadmills of our lives. NOT all of us, of course.

Some of you are doing GANGBUSTERS, whatever that means.

So this will probably have little interest to you, please share your secrets for crying in the buckets.

A sign of hope were the ads in yesterdays mailer, all the BACK TO SCHOOL supplies. We know these were written weeks ago, but still, I saw a lot of hope on the part of the retailers. But where they once were sending out multiple page fliers, most were single pages. People are not RETURNING to the stores, not yet.

Which leads us to our little lake of the Internet. A sidebar: one of my earliest writings circa 1996 was about the lakes of the Internet, at that time I identified the OCEANS of porn, and education.

And the great lakes of Relationships, MONEY, Spiritual, Environment and thought (mirroring the five rings of the Square One Workshops circus of life).

Almost 25 years later, fortunes have been made in all the lakes and oceans, with a few more added. But ANYHOW,

back to you and your canoe.

You may have been shooting the rapids of life a few months ago...thrilled with your results, your adventures and income were gooood for you.

Then BLAM, punch to the face. Covid style.

And what I am hearing a lot of is, the feeling of being in the middle of the lake, without any oar at all, with mutations of fish swimming threatening beneath you, and the shore seemingly further away than ever.

Let alone our loved ones, family and friends who may have counted on us, whom we feel we might be letting down...do you have that feeling? Again, then this could be for you. Those making a killing, soaring to new heights, and feasting on the bones of dead roadrunners below...NOT for yoi.

See, I don't know YOUR future, or the future at all, even though I have spent a lot of time predicting it (with unnerving accuracy too)...

my crystal ball has gotten cloudy. But I do believe one thing...

whatever YOUR future is going to be,

it will be UP to you to make it happen.

Only thing I can do is toss you a couple of small paddles, to serve as oars, and tell you to paddle like crazy to get to a place, a cove perhaps, where you have the opportunity to be more certain, to fulfill your obligations and to be as successful as the times permit...which would be more than enough for most of us.

So, in that spirit, I ask for your help.

Let me know, which of these TITLES hold the most interest for you, vote here or send email (my preference) to gjabiz@yahoo.com

A) How to Get Out of Stagnation and Into Surthrival

B) Overcome Uncertainty with Focused Activity

C) Where will you end up on the other side of the pandemic?

D) Become the person you know you were meant to be

E) Make more money, friends and gain influence while others linger

And my BRIBE for your response. I'll send you a copy of the GOLD FISH report if you take the time to let me know which of the titles appeals most to you, fair enough?

YES, yes, of course, I will then try to sell you my latest and newest report, written fresh from the waterfalls of the crooked river...but it will be a no brainer to buy and I guarantee your satisfaction, OK?


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