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View Full Version : Would you spend 497 bux to learn how to make 1k to 2k per month?

August 2, 2020, 02:49 PM
Me? Maybe. Probably not.

So, I got an email from the fleamarketflipper folks, if you chattel, you should follow them. This email was for an affiliate product. I took note, they use affiliate marketing as part of their streams of income (do you?).

And the site the link took me too, and this is THEIR affiliate link, I'm not involved with either, is:


It is called the Facebook Side Hustle, and it is 497. Some good copy has been written for this, but I find myself thinking, considering the time it takes to contact and FULFILL on this, is the 2k per month worth it, and at a 497 cost?

Of course, you all get to decide this. The 497 and 997 price points are standard go to prices in the Biz-Op Make Money field. Under 1k to avoid legal troubles, cause you enter a different ball game above a grand, not saying it isn't worth it, but to sell to the MASSES, those are the two tested and proven prices you go with.

So, at their 2k income level, that is 500 a week, and although they use the trigger words of SIMPLE and EASY...AND their copy formula is as template as it gets...

there isn't anything easy and simple about contacting business owners, I don't care who is telling you that. Just use your networks on Facebook, one Facebook ad can generate scores of customers, blah, blah, blah.

These things come and go. I'm too lazy to do this to make my extra 2k a month with a side hustle. TOOOO lazy.

But, it is one of dozens of such "side hustles" I've come across in researching my report, now delayed due to injury, and being rethought.

Anyhow, what sort of income would expect if YOU invested 497 or 997 into a business opportunity? I feel we are getting very close to the all time peak of Biz-Op, SCAMS, easy peasy money making schemes, and my inbox has never been fuller with these offers.

And the more I get and find out about, the more I go back to my roots and Chattel harder, and think about flying lower and collecting more dough (er) {for the sake of rhyme, not reason}...

How about you? Doing anything exciting/


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