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View Full Version : How WOKE can I get? Public apology to Trump for boobies jokes.

August 4, 2020, 11:00 AM
Well, I've been called to the carpet. And in my defense, I have made jokes about Biden as well, but I have not "body shamed" him, like I have with "Titties Trump".

Also, as part of my defense strategy, I was influenced by the passing of the great Jerry Stiller, who, along with Kramer made the MANZIERE known on an episode of Seinfeld.

So, I created a whole booklet full of Trump boobie jokes. Then I got WOKE.

It took Congressman Ted Yoho of FL, and his public comment, on the steps of the Capitol with press all around...when he called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.. "A f**kin Bit**".

There we have TODAY, the total loss of Civility at the highest levels, and what our Nation has become.

BUT, it was this BRILLIANT 11 minute response, in the hallowed halls of Congress by Ocasio-Cortez to sway ME


With several million views, it is becoming an anthem for millions of women in America. Everyone should watch it, especially Old White Men, like me.

It is about LANGUAGE. And how men in power give PERMISSION to use language as a weapon on women. Yoho, did some damage control, by parading out his daughters and wife, showing himself to be a "good man"...

And in her speech, AOC points out that he has given other men permission to call his daughters a "F'n Bi**ch" too. If someone called my daughters that in my presence, there would probably be more than words flying.

Anyhow, see, in listening to AOC talk about language, and how it has been weaponized, I came to realize that my jokes, however funny (or not)...were body shaming some 70+ year old privileged White man, just because he had boobies. Shame on me.

I am WOKE now, and will no longer create any jokes about Trump's body. His mind gives me more than enough material to work with.

So to Donald Trump, if my boobie jokes have caused you any discomfort (more than those sagging monstrosities do), then I apologize.



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