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August 6, 2020, 10:21 AM
On Aol (who knew, they exist?)...


Hotel with a water park, scene of a brawl. 60 police responded. Mostly minor injuries. People can't go to the "amusement parks", but these small little water parks are open (ours in Cuyahoga Falls IS)...

Now, AUGUST is going to heat back up, we're getting a little break, only 80 degrees. But the end of the month will see a lot of BRAWLS, and protests and reactions, as I've been saying since the Spring.

WE are fed up, and many not sure with what...but mostly, OTHER PEOPLE and there is one outlet for this pent up energy...VIOLENCE.

And knee jerk reactions over even the slightest offenses. I'm not HIDING out, but I have rededicated myself to the idea of FLY LOW AND COLLECT THE DOUGH. A good time to do so.


Many people are fed up.... As Gordon said in another post,

"When the eye rollers pick up their muskets, usually shows they are truly fed up."

I have been seeing rumblings on the alternative media of people getting tired of the overreach of government across the land.

I'm sure you've seen reports of folks shutting down certain violent protests by being armed and ready for bear.

Does it seem like some folks want a civil war?

I just want to sell my experience and help business folks without having to dodge landmines as I am going to see a retail owner... Maybe that's why I do almost all my consulting online. :)

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