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October 2, 2020, 12:12 PM
You've heard this before, the old take massive action routine.

I don't totally disagree, but the details are often left out as to what exactly the action is.

There are dozens of choices for building your business foundation on, in an earlier thread this week, I said to choose one from Column A, and one from B then execute.

This brought up discussions about which one to choose...I like the NPGS, which has these four parts:


Many put product first, and nothing wrong with that, it just takes longer to find customers that way. Gino Wickman has 6 different parts, and other gurus break things down differently too.

I prefer the simplicity of the NPGS, which stands for Net Profit Generation System. And I like to find BUYERS first, before I create or acquire a product.

Often, I will write the PROMOTION first, before I create the product, especially in the case of an information or digital product.

But whichever FOUNDATION you build your business on, you need to implement the idea, the strategy into ACTION or tactics. You need to DO something and then adjust and keep doing it.

LISTEN, this advice hasn't changed in 35 years, probably boring to those of you that have been around awhile.

But you have an opportunity. TODAY's RUSH to get an online business up and running rivals the hey day of the Internet. MILLIONS of people all over the world are seeking INFORMATION and how to do it. Is your email folder getting as clogged as mine with offers from the Gurus? Soon, the politicians will leave us alone, but some of these guys are sending me several emails a day.

Rather than say, leave me the hill alone, I read and study what they are offering and there is a new GOLD RUSH, one that if you do not take advantage of, then you must have rocks in your head. Seriously, why don't you have some INFORMATION to offer to these new Internet miners?

Anyhow, the ACTION steps should be part of the plan, once you have a clear view from the rooftop, a map with your destination on it, and the rungs down the side of the building...you


You DO. Keep whatever reasons or excuses you have to yourself, because if you aren't cashing in TODAY, with your experience, knowledge and info...then you are hopeless. Sorry to tell you something you deep down inside KNOW, EH?


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