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October 13, 2020, 10:55 AM
There are roughly 21 good businesses opportunities you could start in 2021 and make a decent living while growing your business.

These are broken down into a few groups, and subgroups.

So FREELANCER, will have several subgroups in them, such as


But then, even within one, say WRITER, you could choose to write

COPY, either descriptive, or direct response
CONTENT for other people

and all kinds of other writing projects.

What happens most often when a person gets an idea for making money from home and a thought of their own HOME BASED BUSINESS, is...

they Google or Bing HOW TO START A BUSINESS FROM HOME, or BUSINESSES ONLINE, EAST TO START...that sort of search and of course they are overwhelmed with possibility.

And there are so many GOOD copywriters today, who set snares, traps and tripwires which are so appealing, the poor guy may be out several thousand bux by 2022, having spent money and not made any.

It is a pretty typical route which many take.

A better route is to take time to analyze the opportunities, and try to match them with current skills, experiences and knowledge.

The BEST HIGHWAY to a successful new business is to get fully armed with all the tools, including being able to sort out and prioritize opportunity, BEFORE spending any money.

It is hard for the newly desperate, as thousands will be before the end of the year is out, or for those seeing the writing on their walls showing their jobs are in jeopardy, or for those who want to start a home based business...

remember in the PARADE OF LIFE, there is always fresh blood in the waters, and they do attract the sharks of Biz-Op.

More later, as I organize the opportunities, but start thinking in the 2k to 2.5 k range if you are thinking of starting a business. It is a minimum, but enough to get all the real information you need and enough to get started, if you choose a low cost entry business to get into.


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