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October 18, 2020, 11:24 AM
Hi Gordon,

Thanks for replying.

My business BOOMED on the beggining on the pandemic, and got dropped only in the end of September.

So, with this drop, I focused better:

1. Only run ADS on weekends, is when I have more profit.

2. Only run ADS on SUPER-PRODUCTS (the products that sell better than the others);

3. Focus on the SUPER MARKETS (I sell to different markets, and I notice there are markets much better than others. Maybe because I have the right product to the market. However I get priority on the SUPER MARKETS);

4. Contact more the Clients list with new/other products.

5. Contact more the LEADS list.

And this is working very good for me.

About the information products... I think is what I said: "is needed a better skill to sell information products".

Thanks for sharing that EBAY Vendor, there are really very weird stuff there.


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