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October 16, 2020, 11:08 AM

Brief video from Marlon Sanders, if you are interested in creating fast, easy and simple info products.

It is the first video as of today, Oct. 15 2020 HOW TO GET MONEY IN THROUGH MARKETING


If you watched the above, and in case you missed the link there, here is another short video on the subject.


See, in this video, he shows HOW to use a mindmap to create a product and he also talks about falling in love, creating a product BEFORE you have a market.

I am big on the MVP, the MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT, to get something out there, find out if it will sell, then improve it and raise the price.

Marlon Sanders is the reason l quit my cushy job and came online back in 1998, full time. He knows how to create an information product people want to buy.

WHEN I used to teach it, I had people do a HOTSHEET, one page, a four page White Paper, then add graphics, lists and get to a 10 page report, TESTING and selling as you made a better and better product.

Today, one of the biggest mistakes I see, is people WASTING a lot of time, getting things ready, perfected, and falling in love with their ideas...instead of finding if their information can be sold.

That is job one of any Info Marketer. SELL. What people want to buy.

You don't know until you take it out there.

BUT, many, here especially, prefer to think about it rather than do it.

Good luck with that.


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