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October 17, 2020, 10:31 AM
Thanks Gordon.

I have a succesful mail order small business.

I tested both information products and physical products.

I tested different niches on info products - from gardening, car mechanic secrets to how to teach tricks to your cat. I got discouraged, no sales. I got much leads, but no sales.

On the physical products i tested many different products, and I have sucess on physical products. From jewlery to automobile acessories. The photos are important, are descriptive on the product. I have good photos to sell the physical products.

On information products no sucess.

Probably is the advertising, as someone told me: "selling information is another beast, another level is required to sell".

I think is that, I am not good yet for sell information products.

This is good, you have buyers. Way ahead of most.

So, stay in touch, offer other things, and find your best sellers and cut bait on the dogs...sounds good. One vendor I point out is solar-vision on Ebay, who sells strange information products and jewelry too. He seems to have figured it out, his information is (I think) printed on demand.

You might get some ideas, or might not.

But I like the information being a print on demand REAL PRODUCT, SENT in tne mail.


Check him out.


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