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October 28, 2020, 06:41 PM
The question we all should be asking is:

WHICH businesses are doing better today than they were one year ago?

I focus on small business, of course some giants, Johnson and Johnson comes to mind, are cashing in with their research (billions have been given to a handful of companies to find a "cure" {vaccination}).

We all know about those businesses doing poorly or going under. All things delivery have boomed. It is one of best sectors of our economy.

Last month Walmart kicked off their membership to fight against AMAZON PRIME. Early reports, that I can find, say it is going great. Free delivery from Walmart? It is a dream come true for millions.

When we thought about this, we did so with a business in mind. We want to see which ones would be good HOSTS, for some Co-Op advertising, which I predict will be a big winner in the coming year.

Put your thinking caps on, and find the businesses in your area which are doing great. How can you help them get even more business and put some casheroo in your pockets too.


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