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View Full Version : Persuasion Zone vs the BUY IT ZONE vs the Funnel vs the Relationship

October 31, 2020, 05:16 PM
Yes, I'm old.

Hard to keep up. Wireframe your copy??? WT_

Conversation specifications?? Disruptive penetration???

Fun to play BS Bingo in these times isn't it? (Here if you don't know:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzzword_bingo ).

Although I have spent a lifetime learning all things selling and persuasion, in my Golden Years, I prefer to just sell stuff which doesn't require any sort of selling. Here it is, buy it or don't. I want to be the convenience store of Online information. My Little Debbie snack cakes here, a hot dog there, over yonder the hot coffee. Serve yourself.

My days spent laboring over copy which has to persuade someone to buy are behind me.

Likewise, I don't want clients. Quit sending me emails telling me how easy it is to get them.

Customers? Maybe some, a few here and there is a good thing.

Well, this is all good news for you, cause...in the PARADE OF LIFE, there are some new flute players coming along, and YOU can be the one to cash in on their wants and needs.

I've had dozens of mentors, once wrote a report about some of them called the NECTAR report, some of you may have that one. Hard to remember some of the 75+ reports, HOTSHEETS, folios, white papers, blog posts, forum posts I've written over the years.

TODAY, right now, my advice to any given person, would depend on a few factors.

Sex, Male or Female.
Age. Different strokes for different parts of the PARADE.
Wants. The hard one for most people, clearly identifying what they want.

Full circle advice, from the last 40 years? There is NO one size fits all. AND, you don't get paid for doing nothing.

I am utterly amazed at how some people spend so much of their time pursuing money, so unsuccessfully. It is one of the easiest things to get.

To GET. GIVE. About that simple. Give what you know to the marketplace, and if what you have to give is of any value, they will give you money back.

So many people are building funnels to nowhere. To nothingness.


Because that is what they know how to do. Or they are following the advice they paid for, with the hope that it would be the TRUTH for them.

You have to find your own way in this world, sure, templates, maps, footprints in the sand can help, but at some point your individuality has to come to the forefront and take charge.

I find so much complication in this world, of marketing and selling, when a simpler way is available. But you have choices. make your life as sloppy and messy as you want.


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