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April 22, 2021, 10:37 AM
No secret I'm a lottery player, took my report off market though because I didn't want to be a "name" in the biz like Gail Howard, Ken Silver or Steve Player.

Who else remembers when Ken Silver was a forums presence selling How to Sell Information products, think I bought that course in the 1990's, anyhow...

So, on April 10, midday the numbers 494 came up, we had a field day on that one, I was the low winner (1100 dollars) but one guy had 5 tickets. I played it wheeled for a dollar X 2 plays and had a dollar on front and back pairs. I spent 12 bux for that draw. So a pretty decent ROI.

As hobbies go, it pays pretty well...thing being, I don't have gambler's blood...those guys want to win big. I'm a small potatoes player, like I am in business. I prefer to fly low and collect the dough.

Our newest offline venture begins in May, helping LOCAL businesses bring in customers. I expect that to be a very part time gig with big returns. I'm using a drop off flyer to businesses, probably do some myself and either my kid or a friend to drop off the flyer...NO selling.

They either want what I offer, or NOT. If the test gets too sloppy (too much time) then I may PAY for it being handled by someone else. My only job is to get the flyer into the hands of a business.

IF, systems allow, and I can CONTROL the thing with minimum time and effort, then it will be good for me and the community.

The reason I mention lottery is...I'm using a Glenn Osborn/Gary Halbert technique of attaching a scratch off lottery ticket with the flyer as an attention getter with a headline, something like:


The dice game as a new product came out of brainstorming something entirely unrelated, as it happens now and again. So, on paper, I can test several ideas in MAY, and do it on the Lottery's dime to boot...and maybe I get a winner.


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