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May 12, 2021, 04:53 PM
Thanks Gordon,

After Writing a 100+ articles at Medium.com

I noticed something Weird.

Tested it.

Suddenly Every Article I Write that Includes the "Something Weird" idea - Gets
500% to 800% more Views.

That ***Something Weird*** is "Celebrity Name Dropping."

With That Said.

Can You GUESS which Headline got 800% more Views? Instead of a lowly 500% More Hits?

10 Celebrity Articles That Got 5X to 8X More Views
Than My Other 100 Posts at Medium.com -

Johnny Depp Says, “I Know I Have a HIT when Movie Directors Scream, “What is Wrong with You?”

“How Cher’s “Pet” Elephant Cost Her 400 Grand”

“Pics of Jeff Bezos “Willy” Were Sold for 200,000.00 to National Enquirer”

“Katherine Hepburn Taught Christopher Reeves Acting From Inside a Closet.”

“Dwayne Johnson Eats 21 Brownies, 11 Banana Pancakes and 4 Large Pizza’s in One Day.

“We Chat w/Robert Cialdini & Suddenly A Woman Patron Kneels At My Table”

“How P.T. Barnum Did The *Kanye West Attacks Taylor Swift* Strategy First”

“How Disneyland Restaurant Sells Lunch for 15,000 Bucks a Seat”

“Why Marlon Brando Had to Eat Kleenex To Land His Role in “The Godfather”

“How Harrison Ford Got His 1st Acting Job in Star Wars.”

“How Richard Branson Sold Train Seats w/An Indian War Party Attack”

Special Celebrity-Name-Dropping Report - How to Use Celebs to Do 3 Crazy Things From Your Home Computer -

A - Everything you write gets Read A LOT.

B - Your Forum, Alignable and Quora Posts Get Tons Of Views

C - You Get Invited to Post Stories on Blogs and Forums and Niched Magzines.

MOOLAH From Home Computer - You Too Can Make Extra Dinero with A Email Strategy.

"How Katherine Hepburn Invented a Tactic
that Applies The NYTimes Best Seller Psychology.
How We Use it to Sell Stuff in Email and Sales Letters

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - After Testing # of Views. I am Making Moolah with this GOOFY Idea.

So Am going to use it everywhere.

Like Tom Sawyer when he white washed the fence.

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