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Millard Grubb
May 17, 2021, 04:58 PM
Over the last few days I have had a little extra time to look at some different channels on YouTube.

I have been gobsmacked.

There is one person who is a classical pianist.... this video got over 35 MILLION views:


Here is Kara and Nate who travel around filming who got over 8 MILLION views:


And here is a video that posted 2 months ago and got 50 MILLION views:


I was wondering with these people having so many views, why not try to do the same?

(By the way, Gillian Perkins, expert Youtuber, indicates that after paying YouTube their cut, every million views makes about $5000.)

The key seems to build your subscriber list and post what people want to see.

Be interested to look into this more closely.

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