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View Full Version : Why we're attracted to non-conformists and anti-conformists...

Dien Rice
June 22, 2021, 06:11 PM
I just watched a fascinating 5-minute video from the BBC...

It turns out, according to studies and experiments, that we humans have a tendency to like non-conformists and anti-conformists...

We find non-conformists and anti-conformists more attractive.

That's useful information as marketers...

I just thought I'd share it here, since I'm sure it'll be of interest to some...

I know this is true of myself - I tend to myself be attracted to the non-conformists and the anti-conformists among us!

Maybe it's true of you too. According to the studies - it probably is!

Why we're so attracted to the non-conformists

- Dien (doing my best anti-establishment rebellious Elvis sneer, while wearing a male version of Lady Gaga's meat dress... ;) )

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